Wedding at FivePine: Kimberly Kay Photography

This past 4th of July weekend we had a wonderful wedding with an amazing bride and groom.  Kimberly Kay captured some amazing moments . . .

“Katherine and Todd were married on a gorgeously sunny day at Five Pine Lodge, in Sisters, Oregon, where deer could be seen within the Ponderosa pine forest.

I got some wonderful photographs of Katherine donning her cream, strapless gown while Chris photographed Todd preparing for the ceremony. The theme of the day was Western-style elegance. Katherine wore cowboy boots with her dress and Todd topped his classic black suit with a cowboy hat. As Katherine was about the put on her jewelry, her father came into the room and, in an incredibly touching moment offered to put it on for her. The maid-of-honor was standing next to me and she began to tell me the story of the delicate pearl chain and earrings. Her father had wanted to buy her something for her wedding and desiring to find the perfect thing to match Katherine’s taste and personality; he had invited the maid-of-honor along. It was a beautiful moment and such a testament to their enduring love. I feel incredibly honored to have been there to capture it.”

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