July Wedding at FivePine: Kimberly Kay Photography

Having a destination wedding is one of the best ways to share this special occasion with all your family and friends.  FivePine offers so many wonderful “things to do” without having to leave the property.  This allows everyone to spend quality time together for a few days rather than just a quick conversation at the reception.  The kids can play in the pool, go to a fun movie, or play lawn games.   The girls can spend the day at the spa, getting pampered and relaxed.  The boys can play golf or have fun on the Micro-Brewery Tour along the Bend Ale Trail.  The family can enjoy a relaxing rehearsal dinner on the patio or a small intimate dinner at Thyme restaurant.

FivePine offers a stress-free style of wedding plans where we do the work, and the bride, groom, and family can spend time together.   When we meet with wedding couples, we get a sense of which photographer might work best for them, or how elaborate or simple the perfect wedding cake might be, or which florist can match their vision of how their flowers would look.   There are many decisions that make the day perfect and our staff can offer recommendations for some of the best vendors in the industry.   We’re always honored to be part of these special events that are full of love, excitement, and new adventures.

Click HERE to see pictures from our most recent wedding at FivePine from Kimberly Kay Photography.

Summer Weddings at FivePine

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