A Life Well Lived . . .

Many people have requested the letter posted in our Elda Teresa Conference Center.  Please enjoy the letter and pass it along to friends and family as it encompasses wonderful words to cherish and live by.


Written By Elda Teresa Willitts

Thanksgiving 2003

What I am about to read comes from my “positive thoughts” collection and how I dovetail them into my every day living.

Our journey is between life and death – no one escapes the adventure. We only work at it differently.

My journey has been a long one – 94 ½ years and still going and whether I live another hour, day, week, month or year, I’ve promised myself to live it with love, joy, forgiveness, appreciation and gratitude. When you focus on these feelings, you avoid the negative stuff automatically.

When I look back I never dwell on what happened during the 94 ½ years – I give thanks for all the miracles that had to happen to get me where I am today.

Everything that has happened in my life has helped shape me in what I am today and I have no regrets because I love what I am and where I am.

I keep reminding myself that I have nothing to deal with but my thoughts which I try to keep to the present moment – that the right time is right now – and the right place is right here.

I was educated more by life than by books and sometimes that comes back to haunt me, but I always try to remember that I created my limited self by thinking and I can destroy it at any moment by thinking a new pattern.

I have found that the only disability in life is a bad attitude, which you can change with positive thoughts. It helps to know that there is no happy life – there are only happy days. And it helps to know that God’s will is that we be happy – so all you ask for is that God’s will be done.

I don’t look at life & notice what I didn’t have; I look at my life with joyful thanks giving. I am so very grateful for what I have and the divine source of it all.

My final positive thoughts

Life is pleasant

Death is peaceful

It’s the transition that is troublesome

I am going through the transition now, but I’m looking forward to the peace that will come.


Blessings to all,


Elda Teresa Willitts