Have you heard about

Wow!  What a great place to find inspiration for almost anything.  If you haven’t yet heard of this new craze, is definitely the best thing that has ever been created for social networking.

Pinterest is essentially a virtual pin board.  It’s like the old school ways of cutting out pictures from magazines to inspire a future project, goal or dream, but allows you to pin anything you can find online.    It is great for finding inspiration from fashion and craft projects to recipes and beautiful travel spots.  It is especially great for brides planning a wedding.  I honestly don’t know how someone planned their wedding before Pinterest existed.  I myself am planning my wedding and I utilize Pinterest for everything.  I have been pinning possible venues, caterers, photography ideas, hair styles, dresses and DIY projects.  This allows me to conveniently go back at any point and get a hold of almost every thought or idea I have had for my wedding and we all know it can be a little overwhelming if you don’t have a place to organize these thoughts.   Here is an example of just some of the inspiration you will find for weddings on

You can browse through other pins and boards, pin a picture from different websites, or upload your own pictures.  Each pin is automatically linked to its original site.  So, when you see the tutorial you like for how to DIY your favorite center pieces, you can pin it, then easily go back to where you found it when you are ready to start the project.  Because of this, I have been exposed to a ton of great websites, resources, and blogs to further assist me in my wedding plans.  Some of my favorites so far include,, and

As if all of this wasn’t great enough, when you find a fellow Pinterester (not sure if that is the appropriate name) whose style you like you can choose to follow all of their pins, or just one of their mood boards.  This way, you can get up to date feeds as to what they are finding out there in the cyber world.  It’s like having your own personal planning committee.  You’ll have hundreds of great ideas and plans in half the time.

To sign up just go to and click the “request an invite button.”  You’ll have to enter a few things in and within a couple of days you’ll receive an invite in your email to set up your account.  Then just start pinning!  Just don’t forget to pin FivePine as your favorite Wedding Venue!

While you’re there check out all of our favorite inspirations that we have been pinning at FivePine and start following us.