We dreamed and we dared around creating a place where guests could reconnect with themselves and the ones they love. FivePine would become a place of serenity that would allow for a deeper understanding of self. The building architecture and campus design were our expression of love and creativity.

Our FivePine logo was designed around the importance of family and the learning experiences that we receive from our children. The lines depict our four boys and one girl. The sun defines optimism for our future generations.

Inspiration for our lodge building came from the Forestry Building completed in 1905 as part of the Lewis and Clark Exposition in Portland. “World’s Largest Log Cabin”. FivePine Lodge was designed with a commitment to following the same scale as the original building. Tragically 145 fire fighters rushing to the scene couldn’t save the building from total destruction on August 18th, 1964.

We stayed true to “Green”. We began by surveying every tree on the property and designing buildings that fit the footprint of our treasured forest. Cabins were shifted and decks were moved to support minimum tree loss. Next we researched latest conservation technology. Cabins are heated and cooled using heat pumps, hot water is generated from computer driven tank less heating systems, 100% energy efficient lighting, low VOC paint, the list continues through every material used in construction. Last we committed exclusive use of “green” cleaning products and room amenities supported by our campus recycling center.

Sustainable furnishing was a challenge. We flew to Ohio and visited the barn workshops of eight Amish builders each specializing in one or two items. Working collaboratively we created many exclusive FivePine designs as well as cooperative hardware, inlay, and staining details. One year and four semi-trucks later our furniture order was complete. Together with our Amish builders we created timeless furniture coupled with lasting friendship.

Our story wouldn’t be complete without honoring our mentor (mother/grandmother) Elda Teresa Willitts. From her humble beginnings as an Italian immigrant she evolved into becoming a successful entrepreneur. What motivates our family was her wisdom and grace. The FivePine Conference Center was built from her estate. Her words “a bridge between two worlds” defined her hope that our guests would cross the bridge and leave their old thinking behind. In metal above her life display in the conference room foyer are three words that guided her life, Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness.

May you share a FivePine bedroom with someone you love and enjoy the same dreams.

Warm Wishes,

The Willitts Family