Green Built

Pioneering the green movement in Central Oregon, FivePine ensures that every step is taken to eliminate wasteful practices. These steps include the implementation of a campus wide recycling center, use of third-generation paper products, eco-friendly amenities, and tank-less water heating systems.

The campus was developed using a minimal impact approach- buildings were established around existing trees, developers used native landscaping, and wildflower fields were planted to regrow naturally and more vibrantly each spring.

The water feature that elegantly surrounds the conference center maintains a water level based on rain and snowfall, only requiring maintenance 3 months of the year. In addition, lighting on campus is provided by energy efficient bulbs and rooms contain energy efficient heating and cooling.

Green Initiatives at FivePine Lodge & Conference Center

Emphasize sustainability and preservation
Eliminate Styrofoam cups
Reusable & refillable soap, shampoo & conditioner bottles are used in all guest rooms
Sheet and towel saver program
Use recycled paper products
Local businesses are used as often as possible
Support local growers whenever possible
Electric vehicle charging station located in Sisters (1 mile away)
Use energy efficient light blubs
Use tankless water heaters
Request that Vendors reduce unnecessary packaging