Obsidian Trail

12 miles

As summer is quickly approaching, it is the perfect time to start planning those epic summer hiking trips.  Central Oregon is full of trails ranging from leisurely to difficult.  If you are up for the challenge and have time, we would definitely recommend the Obsidian Trail.  A Northwest Forest pass may be purchased from the FivePine Front Desk.  You will also need an Obsidian Limited Entry area pass as they only allow 30 day hikers into the area each day in an effort to preserve the natural beauty and wilderness.

Last year we decided to tackle part of the beautiful Three Sisters Mountains.  We chose to do the Obsidian Trail which leads you between the Middle Sister and Little Brother.  This is a long trail, the book said 12 miles but it feels like 20.  But as difficult as it was it was worth every foot of elevation incline.  We took highway 242 to the trail head and began our journey.  We had a group total of 12 with ages ranging from 11-40.  The trail was well maintained, clean and the canopy covered for the first few miles.  The wild Lupine was beautiful, the meadows and creeks were breathtaking and a welcome sight as the temperatures went up.  I have to say our dogs enjoyed the creeks and the snow we came across the most.  My favorite parts were the green glacial lakes at the top, the sparkle of the obsidian on the trail and most of all the technology free day with our 3 children, 2 of which are teenagers.  These experiences last a lifetime, though they wouldn’t hike with me again for the rest of the season for fear of another 7 hour day in continual motion.

The day was long and tiring but when we got back we were able to utilize the hot tub at the athletic club and relax in peace on the quiet campus.  It was an excellent way to recover.

For more information about the trail, click HERE.

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